31 Times “The Good Place” Proved It Belongs In The Comedy Hall Of Fame

“I haven’t encountered this much resistance since I tried to get Timothée Chalamet to go out into the sun.”

1. When Jason and Tahani watched a movie together.

2. When Eleanor figured out they were in the Bad Place in attempt #11.

3. When Jason — who at this point was pretending to be a monk — discussed artists.

4. When Chidi was having some trouble.

5. When Janet saved herself.

6. When Tahani did maybe her best name-drop ever.

7. Maybe her best name-drop ever.

8. I mean, look at her contacts.

9. When Eleanor described all of the humans.

10. When Michael went through his existential crisis and got a tattoo.

11. When Tahani spoke at her and Jason’s wedding.

12. When the Judge told Michael and Janet the damage that had been done on Earth.

13. When Michael and Janet explained how the Jeremy Bearimy timeline works.

14. And Chidi couldn’t handle the dot over the I.

15. When they were about to head into the Bad Place and Jason was worried.

16. When Eleanor and Michael went to a public library, and then they went to a diner.

17. When Chidi wore this flawless shirt.

18. When Tahani and Eleanor watched a British show.

19. When Jason complimented Jacksonville.

20. When some of the Bad Place demons sang the official Bad Place song.

21. When Eleanor thought she came up with the idea for skirts.

22. When Michael described kissing.

23. When Janet gave Jason a briefcase and he acted in the only reasonable way.

24. When Eleanor met Janet.

25. When a Bad Place demon tried to create a relatable, small-scale Bad Place.

26. When Jason questioned Glenn, the Bad Place demon.

27. When the Judge went to Earth.

28. When Janet could only make cacti after she got rebooted.

29. When Tahani was a tomboy.

30. When Jason figured out they were in the Bad Place.

31. And finally, this perfect, perfect, perfect joke.

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